Open Call for SMEs from automotive or electronic sector to participate in the pilot project for testing Innohpc Lab

The InnoHPC project is funded under INTERREG Danube Transnational Cooperation Programme, supported by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA), and co-funded by the project partners or from national public co-funding and state contributions.

Open Call for SMEs from automotive or electronic sector to participate in the pilot project for testing Innohpc Lab

The main objective of InnoHPC is to create transnational HPC laboratory for co-designing knowledge-intensive innovative products with high value-added in transnational value-chains. Key outputs are transnational InnoHPC Lab pooling regional HPC infrastructure and competencies, web platform providing HPC access, integrated services and capacity building tools.

InnoHPC targets small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and clusters, providing the opportunity to increase efficiency of innovations and join transnational value-chains in the Danube region. Higher education and research institutions with HPC will get access to exciting real-life cases and opportunities to exploit their entrepreneurial potential. Policy-makers and business support organizations will receive a valuable institutional support for their policies and initiatives.

More detailed information about the InnnoHPC project can be found here:

Purpose of the Call

The purpose of this Open Call is to invite SMEs to participate in one of two pilot projects for testing InnoHPC Lab. One pilot will consist of participants from the automotive sector and the other of participants from the electronic sector. Furthermore, two capacity building workshops will be held, which aim to improve understanding of HPC and raise awareness of the capabilities of HPC centers. The location of the trainings will be determined on basis of the selected participants, participation is obligatory.

The InnoHPC Lab is aimed at SMEs from the Danube region countries (Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine).

As the main goal of this pilot project is testing the concept of the InnoHPC Lab and further developing, only small projects qualify for the pilot project. SMEs may use the result of the pilot project without additional payment.

All costs associated with the development and maintenance of the InnoHPC Lab will be borne by the InnoHPC project and the participating SMEs will not incur any expenses related to involvement in the pilot project. Travelling expenses must be paid by the SMEs themselves.

The candidates who apply to this Call will be assessed based on following aspects:

 Quality and completeness of the application

 Size and relevance of the project

Important Dates

Launch of the Call: 19 July 2018
Deadline of the Call: 16 September 2018
Capacity Building Workshops: November-December 2018
Start of the Pilot Projects: January-February 2019
End of the Pilot Projects: May 2019

Submission of application

The Call is open and active from 19 July 2018 to 16 September 2018.

Please apply to the call with filling out the form online at

Deadline for the submission of applications is 16 September 2018, 17:00 CET.