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In an effort to overcome the numerous social and economic problems that Bosnia and Herzegovina faced in the post-war period, local communities, with the support of the international community, launched an initiative to recover and stimulate economic development.

The result of this initiative is to start the process of economic regionalization, by establishing the Office for Coordination and Monitoring the Implementation of the Project "Sarajevo Economic Region" (SER).

The Office, which was established in 2001, was an administrative and legal framework for the realization of initial activities in the realization of the concept of economic reintegration and development of the SER.

In May 2003, the SER Office expanded to the Sarajevo Regional Development Agency (SERDA).

The territory of operation of SERDA has been extended from the original Sarajevo region of 20 municipalities to the wider region, the Sarajevo Economic Macroregion, which includes the area of ​​ten municipalities of the Upper Drina area, with coordination and partnership with REDRIN, a subregional agency for this area.

  • In the first phase, municipalities of SER (eight municipalities from Sarajevo Canton, three municipalities from the Zenica-Doboj Canton, three municipalities from the Central Bosnia Canton, six municipalities of East Sarajevo, Canton Sarajevo and the City of East Sarajevo) signed a joint vision of the Sarajevo Economic Region.
  • In the second phase, the Memorandum on Mutual Co-operation between the municipalities of the Sarajevo Economic Region, Canton Sarajevo and the City of East Sarajevo was signed.
  • The third phase included the signing of a contract and the legal constitution of the Agency.
  • The fourth phase is characterized by the accession of the municipalities of Olovo and Vareš to SERDA in March 2005, and the municipality of Foča, Gorazde, Pale Prača and Čajniče in September 2005.
  • The fifth phase - SERDA was expanded with the municipalities of Rogatica, Višegrad, Kalinovik and the City of Sarajevo and the Municipality of Foča - Ustikolina.
  • The sixth phase - SERDA - joined the municipalities of Novo Goražde and Rudo.

The Sarajevo macroregion, after the completion of the accession process, includes the territory of 32 municipalities / municipalities, nine municipalities of the Sarajevo Canton, four municipalities of the Zenica-Doboj Canton, three municipalities of the Central Bosnia Canton, six municipalities of the City of East Sarajevo and ten municipalities of the Upper-Drina region.