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Structure and Organization

Within SERDA, there are five sectors:

  • Sector for EU projects and international cooperation,
  • Sector for Business Development,
  • Sector for Regional Development Management,
  • Sector for Local Development Management,
  • Sector for Financial and Legal Affairs, Human Resources.

SERDA's operations are managed by a Director who organizes and manages the work process, represents the Agency. Currently, SERDA has 19 employees on operational and project activities.

The Assembly of SERDA consists of all its members - 35, and they are represented by their representatives.

The Supervisory Board of SERDA consists of 5 members from the ranks of representatives of businessmen, representatives of founders and representatives of non-governmental organizations and scientists, whose term of office is four years.

Members are:

  • Njegoš Pavlović (President)
  • Ivo Komšić
  • Amina Moćević
  • Lejla Mujkić
  • Zaim Halvadzija

The SERDA Audit Committee consists of 3 members of the founding representatives.

Members are:

  • Sadeta Selimović (president)
  • Ankica Tvrtković
  • Snježana Bjelaković

List of SERDA employees on operational and project activities:

# Name and Surname Position
1. Ševkija Okerić Director
2. Zinaida Porobić Head of the Sector for Financial, Legal Affairs, Human Resources - Senior Manager
3. Sanela Dževlan Head of the Sector for EU Projects and International Cooperation - Senior Manager
4. Harun Rizvanbegović Head of the Sector for Business Development - Senior Manager
5. Faruk Cerić Head of the Sector for Local Development Management - Senior Manager
6. Asmir Kosovac EU Programs Coordinator 2020-2027 - Program Manager
7. Aida Džamalija Duran Coordinator of the Office for Economic Cooperation with the Diaspora - Program Manager
8. Amela Ikić Suljagić Coordinator of the Department for Transnational Cooperation Projects - Program Manager
9. Rifet Džambegović Expert Associate for Rural Development, IT and Tourism - / infrastructure projects /
10. Naza Kokot Expert Associate for Human Resources and Administrative, Legal Affairs
11. Saneta Trnka Expert Associate for Business Infrastructure
12. Zlatan Saračević Expert Associate for Labor Market Mediation and Education
13. Maja Lukić Grabovac Expert Associate for Energy Efficiency
14. Elma Muzaferija Expert Associate for Finance and Accounting
15. Dunja Katić Associate for Loan Guarantee Fund - KGF
16. Džejna Branković Associate for Graphic Design and Promotion of Energy Efficiency and the Agency
17. Sanja Ismailović Associate for Finance and Accounting
18. Ajla Isović  Associate for Administrative and General affairs 
19. Aida Dautović Hygienist, Courier and Service Staff