Sarajevo macroregion

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Sarajevo macroregion

The Sarajevo Macro region (SMR) is one of the five economic regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). It extends over the territory of both entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and includes the territory of 32 municipalities. It occupies an area of 8.699,9 km², which represents 17% of the total area of BiH.

About 700.000 inhabitants live in the area of SMR, of which 50,3% are women and 49,7% are men. The population density is about 80 inhabitants per square kilometer. The largest population concentration is in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The area of SMR is rich in forests, medicinal plants, thermal springs, and sources of mineral and drinking water. It has significant energy potential and potential for industrial development. SMR has a tourist tradition and resources for the development of winter, health, sports, and congress tourism, as well as significant human and educational potential. Thanks to numerous thermal mineral water sources, the region is also known for spa and rehabilitation tourism.

Natural wealth, tradition, knowledge and experience, existing capacities, the offer of financial and business services, trade and light industry, as well as the existence of domestic and international higher education institutions, new technologies, and the presence of international companies, actually make this region the geostrategic and administrative centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Sarajevo Macro region is an economic region that, through sustainable economic development, will provide its citizens with better quality and more promising life, and will be an example of a dynamic development region in all aspects of business, educational, cultural, and sports life.

Sarajevo Macro region will be a leader in the process of integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European Union.