Green Mind project on conference “Platform for Low-Carbon Urban Development of FBiH"

The Center for education and raising awareness of the need to increase energy efficiency - Energis, organized conference in Sarajevo on 16th July 2020.  within the project "Platform for Low-Carbon Urban Development of FBiH

Green Mind project on conference “Platform for Low-Carbon Urban Development of FBiH" thumb thumb thumb

With the aim of adapting to the current situation in the fight against the spread of the COVID - 19 virus, an online live broadcast was enabled in order to animate as many users as possible.
This platform will promote technically and economically feasible low-carbon solutions in key urban sectors and their wider use by local governments and private sector in urban centers of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The conference is intended for government officials, representatives of higher education institutions, representatives of international organizations, embassies, private and non-governmental sectors.

In the part of the conference that referred to the issues of transportation and mobility, the Green Mind project, goals, roles, benefits from the project and the way of further realization of activities, were presented. On that occasion, the results of the analysis of the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of green and smart mobility were presented, as well as the results of research on the needs and capacity of SMEs for innovation and development. The real needs of SMEs were presented, as well as the results of testing pilot services that can be of great benefit to support the development of this area in the Sarajevo Canton. Through a panel discussion, it was discussed in which direction the development of traffic and mobility in the Sarajevo Canton should go and what are the preconditions for the integration of e-mobility.

GREEN MIND - Green and smart innovation in the mobility industry is a 30-month project within the INTERREG MED program funded by EU funds and implemented in eight MED territories: Emilia-Romagna / Italy, Greece, Andalusia / Spain, PACA region/France, Istria/Croatia, Split-Dalmatia County/Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA is an IPA partner in charge of project implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.