Extended call for Open Market Consultation in BiH

The Sarajevo Regional Development Agency SERDA invites interested parties to take part in the activities of Open Market Consultations within the framework of the P5 Innobroker project (

Extended call for Open Market Consultation in BiH

The aim of these activities is to gain insight into the following questions:

• Available solutions on the market (availability of innovations, technology);

• What is the level of development and thier maturity levels;

• Can the obstacles faced by contracting authorities be resolved through these activities;

• Are the companies on the market ready for partnerships, in situations where they are not able to respond to a whole series of solutions that are required for the valorization of the problem of decarbonization of protected areas: unique sistem of collection of relevant data of conditions (visists and nature condition) for all protected areas in Canton Sarajevo

Public buyer Cantonal public institution for protected areas of Sarajevo Canton, ZPPKS, with the technical assistance of SERDA within the framework of the P5 Innobroker project is interested in the experiences of companies in various solutions and tools that make up an innovative and sustainable solution for collecting and valorization of data from each protected area in Canton Sarajevo with the aim of sustainable development, reduction of environmental impact and decarbonization. The institution manages five protected areas in Sarajevo Canton, which differ from each other in numerous factors. The expected data that needs to be collected are: the number of visits, then natural factors: temperature, air humidity, amount of precipitation, wind strength and direction, soil moisture, CO2 measurement, pollution, orographic influence on weather conditions.

Both buyers and SMEs need dedicated support and assistance to implement and participate in Innovation Procurement bids. The project P5 INNOBROKER as Innovation Procurement Broker aims at bridging this gap and facilitating mutual interaction and networking within the Innovation ecosystem by providing specialized services and contacts. P5 INNOBROKER project is financed by the EU COSME Programme.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to answer the Request for Information below:

Please provide your response until 15th April 2024
For further information about the P5 Innobroker project, please contact Mrs Maja Lukić Grabovac

By replying to this questionnaire, you express interest in the P5 Innobroker project, and we will keep you informed on the next steps in the tendering procedure.