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Fostering Unity, Tolerance and HUman Rights in Europe – FUTHURE

Fostering Unity, Tolerance and HUman Rights in Europe – FUTHURE


01.11.2020. - 31.12.2023.


Total prohject budget: 148.680 EUR - BiH budget: 14.100 EUR

Project Description

FUTHURE project aims to create a Network for actively involving citizens in raising awareness on common values and in the debating on the future of Europe and its fundamental rights. Thanks to a complex workplan, the project affects a total of 600 direct and about 35.000 indirect participants in finding answers to many questions, such as: What is the role and potential of the Charter in protecting and promoting democracy? Did, and does, the citizens feel more protected in their EU VALUES, as fundamental rights? What is it there still to do to assure protection of fundamental rights? Detailed recommendations about the Future of Fundamental Rights in Europe “The Guidelines for FUTHURE” will merge all the feedbacks and ideas collected during the 24 Local Debates. The Recommendations will be addressed to the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights, in order to be taken into consideration for the drafting of the next "FRA Programming Document 2022-2024".


Lead partner:

Lokalno vijeće IX-Xaghra, Malta

Other partners:

Fattoria Pugliese Diffusa APS, Italija

Asociatia Nameless Art, Rumunija

Sarajevska regionalna razvojna agencija SERDA, Bosna i Hercegovina

African-European Development Agency, Švedska

Asociacion, Cultural, Social Y Educativa Segundas Oportundades, Španija

Neolea Gia Antalagi Kai Katanoisi, Kipar

Go Free - Asociatia pentru Sprijinirea Societatii Civile, Rumunija

Fondazione Parco Culturale Ecclesiale Terre del Capo di Leuca, Italija

Associacao Check-in - Cooperacao E Desenvolvimento, Portugal


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