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Smart Governance to Manage Flooding Risk – SMART RIVER

Smart Governance to Manage Flooding Risk – SMART RIVER


01.03.2020. - 31.12.2022.


EUR 1,293,470.25 / ERDF contribution: EUR 267,070.08 IPAII contribution: EUR 399,745.14

Project Description

SMARTRIVER, involving 5 river basins affected by climate change (Misa, Glafkos and Charadros, Drava, Vjosa, Bosna), is based on three high territorial challenges:

-      increasing the climate adaptation capacity of river communities;

-      creating a smarter model of governance, by enhancing PPs’ capabilities to transnationally tackle climate-change in river basins;

-      promoting active participation of local communities in planning risk reduction strategies.

Indeed, SMARTRIVER aims at mainstreaming risk reduction policies on river basins of Adriatic-Ionian areas, improving the adaptation capabilities of PPs, stakeholders and relevant actors, providing a common framework to face with environmental, economic and social vulnerability to climate change. The project, based on a participative approach carried on through the Local LABs and the transnational Adriatic Ionian SMARTRIVER network, run 34 months and promotes the development of 6 Flooding Risk Reduction Plans (FRRP) within the River Contracts’ common framework, setting up shared methodologies, structured knowledge exchange and capacity building actions, promoting a transnational model of governance to reduce climate change impact in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-region.

Tailored Pilot actions based on flooding risk assessment are carried on in order to taste the effectiveness of FRRP. Furthermore, a SMARTRIVER DGT Platform is set up in order to support future synergies and exchange among PPs and relevant stakeholders, providing them with an interactive tool able to horizontally and vertically link river communities at Adriatic-Ionian level. Join interventions will be promoted through the drafting of an Adriatic Ionian Common Strategy for Resilience: the document proposes the adoption of a territorial-coherent approach to tackle flooding risks and climate change impacts, increasing the resilience capacity of the whole territories involved.




LP-Municipality of Senigallia

PP2-Marche Region - Soil and Coast Defense Department


PP3-Zadar County Rural Development Agency AGRRA

PP4-City of Osijek


PP5-Regional development agency for Podravje – Maribor RRA Podravje - Maribor

PP6-Municipality of Maribor


PP7-Municipality of Patras


PP8-Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency SERDA

PP9-Municipality of Ilijas


PP10-Change Centre

PP11-Selenica Municipality



Contact: Maja Lukić Grabovac,

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