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Digital Transformation / ICT Readiness

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This survey is just the beginning of a long, but not too long, process to become digitalized and digitally transformed.

Important note to understand at the beginning: digitalization and digital transformation is not only a computer in the office, even though it is a good start, but Digital Transformation is a process of change of habits, way of working, business process and a new ecosystem of your company.

Digital transformation is not a free-of-charge enterprise. This is a cost associated with each step and phase; however, our aim is to support you in this process and gain the benefits in return. With the required benefits, you can continue on your path towards becoming fully digitalized and enjoy digitally transformed business processes.

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Dear Digital Transformation Pioneers


We are glad you are here, and that you have found your path to digital transformation.

We are here to help you achieve the best results in the shortest time frame.



For each category, select the circle next to the description that best fits the current status in your company, this tool will determine the appropriate readiness levels based on the response. Once all the categories are complete, you will receive the "Summary and Results" info to see your eReadiness results and answers.

There are 22 questions in this survey.