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Circular DigiBuild

Circular DigiBuild


01.01.2024. - 30.06.2026.


2.801.950,50 €

Project Description

Circular DigiBuild aims to boost the uptake of emerging technologies in circular economy implementation in construction and buildings industry in Danube region to sustainably harness the tween transition for greener future.

The construction and building industry in Danube region depletes resources, generates over a third of

the total waste and emits greenhouse gases at large scale - more in lagging countries and less in the

innovations' pioneers in the area.

The fragmented and risk-averse construction sector is slow to adopt digital innovation across Danube area. Digital technologies serve as a prerequisite for a shift to circular constructions where building materials are reused. The circular economy (CE) has the potential to capitalize upon emerging digital technologies, such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and the Internet of things (IoT), amongst others. These digital technologies combined with business model innovation are deemed to provide solutions to myriad problems in the diverse Danube region, related to CE transformation.

Applying new approaches and inter-sectoral solutions, the project aims to capture the essence of the achievement at the intersection of the CE and digital technologies with a focus on forging pathways of CE implementation across Danube countries.  Federating efforts from quadruple-helix players, a well-functioning DR innovation ecosystem with a new Cluster for increasing regional capacities to absorb innovation will be formed to promote interregional RDI cooperation, exchanging crosssectoral experiences between innovation actors from leading and lagging Danube countries.

Barriers to digitalisation-led CE transition will be identified and related policies - improved.

Important and applicable innovations for achieving the digitalisation enabled CE will be sought.

Three pilots will be implemented to showcase how disruptive innovations for circular economy interventions can harness the ‘clean construction” practices in Danube region.

New Danube region strategy for improving circularity in the construction and building business will be deployed, agreed and popularised, with 13 national action plans and 1 Plan for up-scaling the Pilots.


Enhancing innovation and technology transfer in Danube region

Forging new pathways to commonly enhance digitalisation-led circular economy innovations identification, piloting and transfer in construction and buildings industry and related policies in Danube region, ensuring stable pre-conditions to shifting the focus to a more sustainable territorial development.

Specific Objective 1

Enhancing Danube area COOPERATION to boost circularity in construction and improve related Policies

To set and enhance new sustainable forms of transnational territorial cooperation to design new future and emerging technological paradigms with highest potential to boost circularity in construction and related policies for their implementation.

To inform, attract and inspire stakeholders from quadruple-helix across Danube region to be part of the open new forms of transnational territorial cooperation for a change in construction business models, product design, traceability improvement, recycling, the implementation of new technologies to prevent waste and move to a digital forward-thinking approach in construction following breakthrough innovations from emerging technologies, closing gaps and trying to erase regional disparities.

Specific Objective 2

Valorising existing KNOWLEDGE and innovations in CE-driven emerging technologies for construction

To valorise existing knowledge and identifying applicable trailblazer innovations in CE-drivenemerging digital technologies for construction and buildings in Danube area.

To Inform multiple circles of stakeholders from the quadruple helix across Danube region related to innovations for construction that could contribute to make the picture complete. Thus the collection of existing knowledge will go beyond the partnership and ensure larger coverage of possible solutions.

Specific Objective 3

CHANGE in the framework conditions for fostering sustainable uptake of innovations in construction

Changing the framework conditions for implementation of CE approaches in construction and related waste management innovation and foster the sustainable uptake of advanced and emerging technologies in Danube area through:

- commonly identifying, initiating and realising 3 pilots in 3 Danube countries implementing digitalisation-led CE initiatives in construction to trigger CE related benefits as a demonstration to be transferred in other Danube countries

- improving strategic documents and policies at territorial and transnational level.

- Upheaving stakeholders’ capacity for their implementation and further improvement

To promote to wider audience the testing of the innovative solutions in the construction sector and ensuring coherence with the regional opportunities and ambitions of at territorial level. Target audience are stakeholders from the quadruple helix for the construction business and wider public. To Inform multiple circles of stakeholders from the quadruple helix across Danube region related to innovations for construction that could contribute to influence the policy makers to support changes in policies.


LP - Business Agency Association, Bulgaria

PP2 – ReCheck, Bulgaria

PP3 - Austria Wirtschaftsservice, Austria

PP4 - Hof University of applied sciences, Germany

PP5 - Institute of Circular Economy, Czech Republic

PP6 - Slovak Business Agency, Slovakia

PP7 - University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

PP8 - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pécs-Baranya, Hungary



PP11 - Sarajevo Economic Region Development Agency, Bosnia and Herzegovina

PP12 - Science and Technology Park Novi Sad, Serbia

PP13 - Zero Waste Montenegro, Montenegro

PP14 - TERA TEHNOPOLIS, ltd, Croatia

PP15 - Innovation Centre Nikola Tesla, Croatia

PP16 - Business Advisory Center NGO, Moldova

PP17 – European digital innovation hub in construction sector, Bulgaria

PP18 – Vangavis, Bulgaria


Edin Mulahusić,

Faruk Cerić,