Thirteen is the lucky number for EUROPEAN voluntarism

Thirteen towns, thirteen different countries, thirteen organizations and one common goal – strengthening the volunteerism and spreading solidarity values across Europe. Get to know the ERAS project – European alliance for volunteer support.

Thirteen is the lucky number for EUROPEAN voluntarism

Different organizations from Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Portugal, Malta, Albania, Lithuania, Latvia, Croatia, Macedonia, Hungary, Greece and Bulgaria will address the various challenges of voluntarism in EUROPE. They all strongly believe that volunteering is a crucial part of modern democratic society and with nurturing and fostering voluntarism and spreading solidarity values we as Europeans can achieve great steps towards more developed, inclusive and dynamic society with quality opportunities for all.

The main goal of the ERAS project is a long-term partnership of thirteen towns of thirteen different countries with the common objective to improve conditions for the development of voluntarism in partner countries and across Europe. To achieve that partner organizations will share information, practices, knowledge and expertise and promote voluntarism together. They will ensure a productive, informative and content-rich environment to foster the growth and development of various volunteer programs.

In the next two years nine international events will take place with the purpose of exchanging good practices, establishing connections with relevant organizations, studying concepts and effects of volunteering in different countries and also with the goal of promoting voluntarism across Europe. Throughout the project, they will address various sections of voluntarism. From youth voluntarism, voluntarism and population ageing issue, crisis voluntarism (COVID-19 situation), sustainability of voluntarism to European policies on voluntarism and national implementations of selected programs. An important topic that will be highlighted on a regular basis will be the opportunities, practices and goals of European solidarity corps mechanism.

On ERAS communication channels you will be able to follow the stories of European volunteers, insights od international events, different volunteering programs and good practices will be presented, the discussions are to be held and much more. Welcome to like and follow the ERAS project.

The diverse composition of partnership will create an intercultural environment where participants will be introduced to various approaches, practices, experiences, policies and other aspects of voluntarism. They will experience the benefits of international programs and will get to know about relevant Union policies that support those programs and how European citizens can cooperate in shaping those policies.     

For more information on ERAS project and how to participate in project activities and events contact us at, give us a call on +387 33 648 686, or visit our Facebook page ERAS – European alliance of volunteer support.

The ERAS project is co – funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union.