Project SReST advances with an expert-led workshop on mapping food heritage

SERDA, as one of the project partners, had the opportunity to participate in an online workshop led by Wendy Barrie, a renowned expert in regenerative food production and biodiversity. The workshop was crucial for the SReST project, which focuses on promoting Slow Food tourism and enhancing economic prosperity in the Danube region.

Project SReST advances with an expert-led workshop on mapping food heritage

Collaborating with top-tier experts

Wendy Barrie, founder and director of the award-winning Scottish Food Guide, Scottish Cheese Trail and Scottish Farm Shops, shared her extensive knowledge on biodiversity and the preservation of food cultural heritage, as well as the profound impact of the Slow Food movement founded in Italy in the mid-1980s. This global movement advocates for regional culinary traditions, supports biodiversity and small producers, and emphasizes the importance of good, clean and fair food, which resonates deeply with the objectives of the SReST project.

Learning from Scotland: Inspirational Examples

With its iconic dishes like haggis, meat pies and a diverse range of cheeses, Scotland's rich cultural heritage is well known worldwide. Wendy's presentation was a treasure trove of insights, showcasing how regional specialties can be integrated into the Ark of Taste, a visionary initiative aimed at protecting rare breeds and heritage species across the world. She emphasized the importance of understanding the regions’ unique characteristics, climate and food culture.

With Wendy's guidance, project partners embarked on the crucial task of mapping their food cultural heritage, creating an inventory of products that are intrinsically linked to their territories. The virtual group workshop was a dynamic space for sharing ideas and identifying traditional dishes, ingredients and drinks that define our regions.

Next steps

SERDA continues its activities within the SReST project, identifying local products and food destinations that reflect the rich heritage of our region, contributing to a sustainable and vibrant tourism landscape in the Danube region.